Carey Chartier began his career in commercial real estate in 1985 as a sales agent with Chartier & Associates Inc. After a career of nearly thirty years as a real estate agent, Carey became one of the founding members of Capital and now acts as head of Capital Property Management. In this role he is responsible for overseeing the property management team while also growing the service line.

Significant Assignments

491 Portage Ave. 116,368 sq. ft. Office
1615 St. Mary’s Rd. 12,111 sq. ft. Office
Thompson Plaza SC 89,000 sq. ft. Retail
1357-1375 McPhillips St. 58,000 sq. ft. Retail
1075 Portage Ave. 68,000 sq. ft. Office
1566-1586 Inkster Blvd. 85,000 sq. ft. Industrial (warehouse)
1504 St. Mary’s Rd. 21,000 sq. ft. Retail
Crestview SC 61,000 sq. ft. Retail